Fire was first used for cooking in Israel, shocking new report

Research: Imagine how would be the life of humans without fire. It is difficult to imagine life without fire. The question is, when did humans come to know about fire, how humans would have used it for the first time. These are all the questions which create curiosity in your and our mind. When did humans cook food on fire for the first time.

In a research, scientists have found out that when humans first used fire. According to the research of scientists, for the first time fish was cooked in Israel. Which was cooked about 7,80,000 years ago. Prior to this, the earliest evidence of cooking dates back to about 170,000 years ago. Although it has been more than a century when man started using fire to cook food, it is still discussed. 

Scientists found remains of fish 

This research was headed by Dr. Irit Zohar. Irit, along with his colleagues, after a research, claimed that some remains of the Stone Age were found in the northern region of Israel. Scientists claim that people of Homo erectus (Upright man) species lived in this area of ​​Israel. In this area scientists found the remains of fishes.

Humans cooked fish on fire 

In the research, the fish of Hula Lake were considered because the remains of these fishes were found on the banks of the river. The fishes which were cooked on controlled fire. According to research the fishes were exposed to temperatures suitable for cooking. 

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