Firozabad: The fight between the doctor and the pharmacist started over the cooler, OPD had to be closed

UP News: Government makes hospitals so that patients can be treated there, but Shikohabad Joint Hospital in Firozabad has a different story. This hospital turned into an arena today when a fight broke out between female doctor Aarti Singh and pharmacist Brijesh Kumar. The whole matter is related to the cooler installed in the room of female doctor Aarti Singh. Pharmacist Brijesh Singh sent the manager to Aarti Singh’s room for receiving the cooler but he refused, after which both started arguing. In view of the debate between them, the OPD work was stopped for an hour due to which the patients had to face a lot of problems. 

CO, SDM reached the spot to pacify

Amidst the debate between the two, the pharmacist and other employees started raising slogans against the doctor. Seeing the situation deteriorating, Shikohabad’s CO Kamlesh Kumar and SDM reached the spot. He pacified the matter after talking to both the sides. He started OPD service. Doctor Aarti Singh said, ‘There was a cooler in my OPD room, the matter has increased regarding its receiving. The pharmacist was abusing me and it was only about receiving the cooler.’

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