Not only watermelon, these 5 foods of the season also have amazing benefits, many vitamins and minerals are available, protection from diseases.

Top Summer Season Fruits List in India: Healthy body is the biggest capital. If we remain healthy then only we will be able to do any work. If you do not remain healthy, then what is the use, the mind will always be heavy. Healthy food is very much needed to stay healthy. The more we depend on natural things for healthy food, the more we will benefit. This is the reason why experts always recommend eating fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits. Nature has given us everything very carefully. Foods that keep the body fit are produced according to every season. As in the summer season there are loads of such fruits which contain excessive amount of water and this fulfills the lack of water in our body. That’s why watermelon, cucumber, cucumber are available in summer. Today here we will tell you about 5 such summer foods which have unmatched benefits.

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