Follow these tips to increase the speed of Wi-Fi, videos will be downloaded in a jiffy

Wi-Fi Speed: Many times it happens that the speed of your WiFi becomes very bad and you have to face a lot of trouble in working or surfing the internet. If you take care of some things related to the router, then you will not have this problem. We are going to tell you some such easy tips, by following which you can get good speed from your WiFi.

Set the router at a height

< p>If your internet router does not give proper coverage to the whole house, then check the position of your router. If the router is placed inside a box or the router is too low, then moving it to a higher height will increase the internet coverage area.

Turn off and on< /strong>

If the speed of your Wi-Fi is troubling, sometimes it gets better and sometimes it gets worse, then you should use the on-off button in the router. Turn off the device and turn it on again or you can turn it on or off from where the light is being fed to the router.

Check the cable

Sometimes the cable in the router can also be the cause. In case of any such problem, check the cable as well. Internet problems can also occur if the cable is loose.

WiFi optimization

If your router’s speed has decreased, then you may need to adjust the available Wi-Fi settings. Internet speed can be increased by activating optimization. Wi-Fi optimization will take some time, but after that your Wi-Fi should be working at full speed like a new device.


Sometimes reboot is required to refresh the router due to continuous working of WiFi. This refreshes your router and increases your WiFi speed.

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