For the first time in Gujarat, AAP is contesting on all the seats, not 10 or 20, but it is expected to win that many seats.

Opinion Poll: Gujarat Assembly Elections For 2022, all the parties are continuously planning. Leaders of all political parties including AAP, BJP, Congress are trying to woo the public through public meetings and rallies. Meanwhile, different news channels are trying to know the mood of the people by conducting different surveys. Many surprising results have come out in the survey.

There is a question in everyone’s mind about how many seats the Aam Aadmi Party, which is contesting the elections for the first time in the state, will win. Today we will tell you what the survey estimates tell. In the opinion poll of Republic India and  P-MARQ, for the first time, how many seats will be won by Aam Aadmi Party, which is contesting on all the assembly seats. Let’s see the results of the survey

Which party has how many seats in the state

BJP- 127-140
Congress 24-36
AAP-9 to 21

Which party got how many vote percentage 

Party               Vote % Estimate                     

BJP                46.2                               

Congress                28.4                                             
You                   20.6

other                 4.8 

Voting for the assembly elections in Gujarat will be held in two phases, one on December 5, while the counting of votes will be held on December 8 along with Himachal Pradesh. For the total 182-member assembly of Gujarat, voting will be held on 89 seats in the first phase and 93 seats in the second phase. The BJP has registered consecutive victories in the last six assembly elections in Gujarat. In the 2017 assembly elections, the BJP won 99 seats while the Congress got 77.

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