Foreign Tour: Can you go abroad with your car too? All you need are these papers

Foreign Travel Tips : On hearing the name of going abroad, it comes to mind that one has to go by flight or ship. This is also true because to go to other countries of the world, you have to travel by plane or ship, but do you know that there are some countries where you can go by road. That is, you can pick up your car and go on a trip to these countries. Don’t be surprised it is 100% true. Today we are going to tell you about such countries, where India can be reached by road. See here..
The border of Nepal and India meets each other. You can go to Nepal from India by road. Where you can see the best beautiful views  Who will meet You will need an Indian driving license to go to Nepal. Here you don’t even need an Indian Visa.  
Instead of flight, you can also travel to Thailand by road. There beautiful beaches, churches, temples, delicious food and adventure sports, everything is going to be wonderful. You need a valid passport and a special permit to go here.
The neighboring country Bhutan is also a country with free movement for Indians. You can go to Bhutan by road. You do not need a passport or visa to visit Bhutan. But before entering Bhutan’s border, your vehicle has to be pre-registered.
Bangladesh is our neighboring country, where you can plan a trip at any time. For this you can travel by Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Here you must visit Dhaka and Sundarbans. To travel in Bangladesh, you need a visa along with a passport. You can easily get visa from Bangladesh Embassy.
Malaysia is also a country where you can go by road. To reach Malaysia, you have to pass through two countries. First you have to cross Myanmar and then Thailand. For this you must have passport, driving license and visa.
Myanmar is famous for pagodas and beautiful scenery. All kinds of travelers can come here and they will also like this country. Here you will need documents like valid passport, special permit and MMT permit, so that you can drive that vehicle. 
Sri Lanka 
Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka) can also reach via road. For this, after reaching Tamil Nadu, you will have to take a ferry to transport your vehicle from there. By this ferry you will reach Tuticorin Port. Which will take you to Colombo Port of Sri Lanka. This way you can go to Sri Lanka.
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