Former DGP Vikram Singh said – Not even a leaf can move if the police do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

UP News: In protest against the statement of Nupur Sharma, the Uttar Pradesh government and the police administration to conduct the Friday prayers peacefully again in the midst of violent demonstrations in many districts of the state on the last Friday prayers. remains a big challenge. Almost the entire Uttar Pradesh police is on high alert regarding this. Besides meetings with religious leaders and dignitaries, the police and administration are conducting flag marches and foot patrolling in each district.

Stone pelting in the house of worship is unacceptable
In such a situation, former DGP of Uttar Pradesh Vikram  Singh, who is known for his firm decision and strictness to maintain peace on the occasion of Friday A formula is given. Their medicine is that if the police follow it without repeating the mistakes of the past, then even a leaf will not move in the state tomorrow. In an exclusive conversation with ABP Ganga in Etah, he said that this state and country belong to everyone. Everyone has a constitutional right to their worship system, but stone pelting in the house of worship is 100% unacceptable.

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put the mischievous elements behind the bars
I would appeal that if last time if there was any disturbance on the day of Friday at 90 places in 35 districts, now ensure that there is no disturbance at all. If it has not been done till now, then take preventive action from today itself, with the drone cameras on the roofs, arrange them with devices and ensure that those who are identified criminals have 8 registers in their police stations. There are those who mark communal goons. Communal Information Register, Communal Goonda Register,  Communal Offender Register, Village Crime Register, Confidential Diary, check them out. Start asking those anti-social elements who have come to light in the last 25 years, what are their plans? And take Accessive Intelligence. Those mischievous elements should be behind bars till 10 o’clock tonight. Make sure you do this, the leaf will definitely not move.

This reaction on Tauqeer Raza
On the statement of Nupur Sharma by Tauqeer Raza on June 19 and  announcement to protest against the current situation, he said that Tauqeer Raza and many such people Those who are speaking challenging language are trying to add fuel to the fire. Government should take action against them. I would even say that such criminals who belong to Kashmir should be sent to Kanya Kumaris, and those who belong to Kanya Kumaris to Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh should be sent to Coimbatore and the people of Coimbatore  Uttar Pradesh, all the plans will fail. On Tauqeer Raza, he said that you should shine your politics elsewhere, this is not an opportunity for politics   This is an opportunity to normalize the situation.

‘Owaisi is the height of dirty politics’
Asaduddin Owaisi’s statement that Yogiji was a judge and bulldozers were run on the houses of the accused without any hearing, he said that it is dirty. It is the height of politics. Asaduddin Owaisi sahib is a lawyer and bring him a stay.  This matter is also under consideration. If Yogi has committed any mistake, he will get the stay, but by not taking the stay, he makes unwarranted allegations that you do not have the right. In this Etah I got the bulldozer run and I was praised and not criticized. As a DGP, I got bulldozers run everywhere. While living within the ambit of law everywhere, we have been given three knots  three, AK 47,  SLR ​​too, but little has been given to run arbitrarily. This bulldozer was run while living within the purview of rules, restraint and law. This is a tool. If it is used in public interest while staying within the ambit of law, it should be welcomed because all the accused, mawali, crooks,  goons, Asaduddin Owaisi are their advocates.

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