Former UP minister Mohsin Raza urged CM Yogi to conduct a CBI inquiry into madrassas, know the reason

Lucknow News: There has been a stir in the state with the order to investigate madrasas. By May 15, 7442 madrasas are to be investigated in the state. So at the same time, Mohsin Raza, former minister and chairman of Haj Committee, says that CM Yogi should get the investigation of madrasas done by CBI. Departmental inquiry will only cover up. Recently, the government has given instructions to investigate the madrassas covered by the madrassa modernization scheme. Under this, a committee has been formed for physical examination of building, land, rent debit, teachers-students. The SDM, Block Education Officer, Block Development Officer have to investigate through the District Magistrate. The investigation report is to be made available to the government by May 15. 

Don’t joke with children’s future
7442 madrasas are running in Uttar Pradesh under the Madrasa Modernization Scheme. Iftikhar Ahmed, chairman of the Madrasa Board, says that this investigation is for the good of modern teachers. Many madrasas are violating the madrasa manual in the matter of salary of modern teachers. Madarsas can be run only and only by Muslim minority organizations. But many madrassas appear to be something else on paper and in reality something else. Our aim is clear that the future of two million children studying in madrassas should not be made fun of.

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politics is happening with madrasas
Darul Uloom Farangi Mahal spokesperson Sufiyan Nizami says that politics is being done in the name of madrasas for a long time. It was said that those studying in madrasas would have Quran in one hand and laptop in one. But the reality is in front of everyone. Sufiyan Nizami said that madrassas must be investigated, fake madrassas and culprits should be punished but not politics.

Former minister demanded a CBI inquiry
Mohsin Raza says about this matter that the investigation of madrassas should be given to the CBI. In the previous governments, there was rampant corruption in the name of madrassas. After coming in 2017, we have improved the system a lot. We caught 7 thousand madrasas which did not even exist. Such teachers were found who were abroad and were getting salary here. Stop the investigation of Khanapurti and hand it over to the CBI. There can be no corruption without the collusion of the officials. If there is a departmental inquiry then it will just be a smack.

Corruption taking place with the connivance of officers
Mohsin Raza in conversation with ABP Ganga said that CM Yogi should give investigation of madrasas to CBI, no less than departmental inquiry will work, in previous governments There was corruption on a very large scale, after the Yogi government came in 2017, we improved the system a lot, we caught 7 thousand madrasas which were not in existence, found teachers who were abroad, were getting salary here, stop the investigation of Khanapurti Hand over to the CBI, corruption cannot happen without the collusion of the officer, if there is a departmental inquiry, then it will be just a cover-up, it is known that recently the Madrasa Board has given instructions to investigate the madrassas covered by the madrassa modernization scheme, by May 15, 7442 madrasas in the state To be checked.

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