Foundation stone of minority girls residential school, education minister said – future of girls will improve

Bharatpur News: Minister of State for Education, Zahida Khan, laid the foundation stone of the Minority Girls Residential School being built in Gram Panchayat Nandera of Kaman Assembly Constituency at a cost of 13 crores. Addressing the people during the foundation stone program, Minister Zahida Khan said that the Minority Girls Residential School will shape the future of our girls. We will come to know about this after five to ten years when the girls will go to the government department after studying in school. The minister said that development is not just the name of building roads or installing handpumps, but what can be a better development if the children go to a good position after being educated. Therefore any work of education will improve the coming breeds.

‘Thanks to CM Gehlot for opening maximum number of schools in Mewat region’

Praising the Chief Minister, Zahida Khan described the Mahatma Gandhi English Medium School in Rajasthan as a historic step. He said that there can be no greater gift than this if poor people who are not able to send their children to private schools get good education free of cost near their homes. The Chief Minister has opened maximum number of schools in Mewat region. I thank you for that. Perhaps because I have been made the Minister of State for Education, I used to discuss with the Chief Minister all the time about education in Bharatpur’s Mewat area.

Foundation stone of minority girls residential school with 13 crores

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had opened two colleges in the Kaman area during his first tenure. But it is very sad that BJP does politics on education, water, electricity. BJP had closed colleges as soon as they came to power.Depriving people of facilities is not a good thing. Everyone has the right to study. It is a matter of great pleasure that two residential schools have been opened for girls and now efforts will be made to open residential schools for boys as well.

Along with educating the girls, the boys should also not lag behind in studies. Agriculture College for Kaman area will be built in 130 bighas. You all can imagine what a great gift it is for the region. Don’t worry the schools have been upgraded. The need of building in the school will be met. Do tell about the deficiency. Instead of making CC road, talk about education so that the future of the children can be made. During the foundation stone laying ceremony, some girls of the village were  standing to watch the programme.

Minister Zahida Khan’s eyes fell on the standing girls. Announcing through the mike, he called all the girls and made them sit on the stage. Arrangements were also made for refreshments for the girls on the stage. An appeal was made to the family members to motivate the girls towards studies. By studying, the girls will be able to bring laurels to the family by sitting on the dais.

Jaipur News: Tomorrow will be a very special day for CM Gehlot’s son Vaibhav, the High Court will decide on this matter

Block Congress Committee President Chand Gaur, PCC member and former head Jalees Khan were present in the program. Minister Zahida Khan was welcomed by wearing a 51 kg flower garland in the special hospitality program. Zahida Khan was also honored by wearing a garland of rupees, silver crown and shawl at various places. The women who came to welcome Minister Zahida Khan also informed about the problem of water logging. Minister Zahida Khan instructed the officers to improve the system immediately. 

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