From 10th to UPSC, these tips will help in every exam, very easy to follow

Exam Preparation Tips: Studies have a different place in every person’s life. To study, a person needs proper planning. So that the result is positive. To get success in the exam, it is not necessary that you sit with books for 12-15 hours. If you are giving 10th exam then also you need planning. Apart from this, you are giving UPSC exam, even then you will need special planning. Today we will tell you some ways to prepare for any exam.

It is very important to make a schedule before starting the preparation related to any exam. Before starting the preparation for the exam, make sure to draw a blueprint that how can we get better results. In this, take special care of the time for revision and completion of studies. After doing this work, start preparing. Choose your topics according to the schedule and keep taking self tests from time to time, so that you can know how many things you have understood or not.

Don’t skip topics
Don’t finish studies by rote, try to understand the concept of the topic. If you do not understand any topic, do not leave it, try to understand it through an expert or internet. When the time of your exam comes near, especially a day before, try your best not to read the entire book, just revise the short notes you have made during your preparation.

Prepare for the next exam
Don’t think too much about the failure of one subject, rather focus on the next exam and get good marks in the rest of the subjects. try to do.  

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