From a rusty knife to the silver kept in the locker, these things can shine with potatoes

How To Use Potato For Cleaning: Potato is called the king of vegetables. Because you can enhance their taste by mixing it in any pulse, vegetable. Potato is number one not only in terms of taste and health but also in terms of cleaning. You can clean many things in the house with this and increase the brightness of many things. This is being told here.

Fog will not stick in glasses
If you wear spectacles and go with them outside the house too, then you will often have to face the problem of fogging due to the mask. To avoid this, cut the potato inside the glass and rub its starch. Starch will prevent fog from forming on the glass.

Clean silver jewelry
If your silver anklets, earrings or other jewelery has turned black due to oxidation, then you can clean it with the help of potato. For this, you boil the potatoes in water after grated or finely chopped. Now soak the silver jewelery in this hot water for 1 hour and now clean it with a brush. The blackness of your Jaluri will go away.

Clean the rust of knives
If rust has come on kitchen knives, then you can also use potatoes to clean it. For this, you first put a little dish washer or detergent on your knife or scissors, add a little baking soda and then cut the potato and rub the knife with it. The rust will be completely clean.

Break up the shattered glass
If a glass vessel is broken then you can clean the thick pieces of glass lying on the floor with a broom but it is easier to clean the very fine particles Is. Potatoes can be used to clean these fine pieces. Cut the potato in half from the middle and now use it by dab-dab on the floor. All the fine particles will stick to the potato and your floor will be completely clean.

Face Shining

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