From headache to high blood pressure, this is how fast food affects your life

Fastfood Craving: Tasty is fast food or say that fast food is very tasty. Because on seeing this it becomes difficult to control your cravings. By not saying hunger, we are saying craving because on seeing fast food, those people also break down on it, whose stomach is already full and there is no hunger at all! Such a craze about fast food is not only in our country, but gradually the whole world is coming under its grip. Yes, it is more sad for us because only local food is so good in our place, which gives health along with taste. Yet we are forgetting our traditional taste and running after fast food rich in harmful flour, fat and palm oil.


Skin related problems
Youth and teenagers who eat fast food in abundance, they start having skin problems. Especially having acne and pimples. Because fast food is rich in carbs. Which creates the problem of acne, pimples and breakouts in the skin.


Shortness of breath
Frequent breathing or shortness of breath. This is also a problem that people who eat fast food have. There are many reasons for this happening, such as weakness due to lack of nutrition to the body, lack of energy and weight gain, etc. When this happens, even a little physical work causes breathlessness.

Heart Disease
Daily consumption of fast food not only creates disease but can also be fatal. This is because the risk of heart disease increases manifold for the daily eaters of fast food. This is due to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body and BP rise

This problem is very common
There are very few people who do not have the problem of increasing fat even after eating fast food. This may be due to their heredity and metabolism. Whereas obesity increases due to extra calories and unhealthy fat in most people’s body, which gives rise to many diseases.

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