From surprise to surrender, how Imran Khan, who gave the slogan of ‘Naya Pakistan’, lost his ‘confidence’

these are the reasons that led to the broken trust

1. The situation of economic crisis in the country

2. Lost People’s Confidence

3. Corruption is also the reason

4. The distance made by the army

5. Country ruined, but loved ones’ wealth increased


When the date for voting on the no-confidence motion in the House was near and Imran seemed to be losing his chair, he played the card of foreign conspiracy to save it. He also claimed to have a letter, but did not make it public. Shortly before the voting, the deputy speaker of the assembly rejected the no-confidence motion. After this, Imran Khan recommended the President to dissolve the National Assembly, but the opposition reached the Supreme Court calling it wrong. The Supreme Court overturned both these decisions and asked for a vote on the no-confidence motion. With all these efforts, Imran Khan is doing his bit.

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