Ganesh Ji Vahan: How did the mouse become the vehicle of Lord Ganesha? Know this interesting story

Ganesh Ji Mushak Sawari Katha: There is no break in the argument of Ganapati ji, the god of wisdom and knowledge. On the strength of his sharp intellect, Lord Ganesha goes to the bottom of every subject to understand it. The vehicle of Lord Ganesha, the first revered among the deities, is a mouse. Let us know why Lord Ganesha chose his vehicle as a mouse? What is the legend behind it.

Ganesha’s vehicle was a Gandharva before the mouse

Muni Vamdev cursed Gandharva

Such a mouse became the vehicle of Lord Ganapati

Lord Ganesha’s loop found the mouse from Hades and presented it in front of Gajanan ji. The loop was tied around the mouse’s neck, due to which he fainted. After regaining consciousness, he begged Ganesha for his life. When Ganesha asked the mouse to ask for a boon, he refused. The mouse said that if you want, you can request a groom from me. Hearing these proud words of the mouse, Ganesh ji smiled and said that you become my vehicle. In this way the mouse became the ride of Ganesh ji.

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