Garba Plank: Try Garba Plank before this Navratri, your waist will be fit for Dandiya Night

Garba Exercise: Aga, you also want to participate in the celebration of Durga Puja this time, but you are a little worried about your figure, so do not take tension now. Yes, today we are telling you about one such variation of plank, which you can adopt in daily routine to make your waist slim and slim. 

Let us tell you about how to include Garba Plank in your daily routine before Dandiya Night and what are its benefits.

Take care

It should be easy for you to do this new variant of Plank. For this, a video going viral has been shared on social media, so that you can easily do the exercise at home. Yes, but keep in mind that you do not have any back problems before and you have been exercising already.


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What is Planck

By the way, plank is not one but many variants. To do this, you have to lie on your stomach on the mat and then lift your body straight from the ground. Your body is kept upwards on the strength of the elbow. It is easy to get into the plank position, but it is very difficult to hold yourself in it.

What are the benefits of Garba Plank

  • Plank Exercise Helps to Reduce Belly Fat
  • Helps improve and strengthen body posture
  • Helps in making the body flexible
  • Helps Strengthen Core

Some Special Tips for Garba Plank

  • Do this exercise under expert supervision
  • hold for one minute at a time
  • Try to do side plank slowly
  • Do this exercise in front of the mirror

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