Garincha, Pele also faded from the pit of poverty

Once again the FIFA World Cup is going to witness the spectacular performance of football in Qatar from 20 November 2022. This event, which is held after every 4 years, has always maintained a separate identity of its own. This time also, in this event which will continue till December 18, famous and brilliant players from all over the world will be seen trying their best to win using their skills.

This tournament has been witness to countless memorable moments and the ability of such great players to create history. One such player was Mane Garincha of Brazil. The charisma of this player’s brilliant performance never faded in the world of football. The magic of Garincha, which engulfed the hearts of its fans and its innocence, still speaks in the heads of football lovers.

The style of playing was so unique that even the famous footballer Pele’s shine used to fade in front of him. Even after the ups and downs of life in the history of football, Garincha will always be remembered as a player who immortalized the game by living it. After all, what was the quality of Garincha that even today his position among famous football players is different.

For this we have to turn the pages of history again and return to the old days of Brazilian football when Pele and Garrincha used to storm the football field. People used to call Garincha the magician of football for no reason, he used to win the hearts of the fans with his brilliant dribbling. 

Dribbling Unparalleled Garincha

It cannot be about the game of football and there is no talk of dribbling. Dribbling is the essence of a great football game. Without this this game is incomplete and in this style of football Garincha was unmatched. He would coordinate his feet with the football in such a way that his opponents would watch and the other player would reach the goal post in the blink of an eye.

Mastering  dribbling in football is considered no less than chewing iron gram and Zindagi Garincha had chewed so many iron gram that perhaps this difficult style of football seemed easier to him. Even though today Lionel Messi’s game is considered very good.

People should be crazy about the great Brazilian football player Ronaldinho. The world considers Zinedine Zidane of France as the legend of this game. Maradona is called the best dribbler. Dribbling legends of George Best and Johan Cruyff are read, but no one has been able to break the magic of Garrincha’s dribbling in the football field.

Alam was that even the wizard of football Pele used to get blurred in his glow. Pele and Garrincha were in the Brazil team in the Football World Cup 1958. Garincha’s charm was such that instead of Pele, he used to remain in the headlines of the newspapers. This player, who took the Brazilian team to great heights, may have said goodbye to football soon after being caught in drugs, but he was always considered the best and unique player of football and even today his influence remains intact.

The story of victory in front of shortcomings

Brazil has given the world many dribbling wizards over the years, but none as loved and fondly remembered as Mane Garrincha. It is easy to understand this attachment of people with him. His story is of a man who was born with many physical deficiencies, but he did not let these deficiencies become the defeat of his life.

Born on October 28, 1933 in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Garincha was born with both legs not equal. His right leg was 6 cm shorter than the left leg with a spinal problem and the left leg was bent. He was short and thin compared to children of his age. Seeing his stature, his sister Roja named him Garincha after a small singing local bird Rain. Actually his nan was Manuel Francisco dos Santos, but he was recognized in the whole world by the name of Nick Name Garrincha.

Inherited Alcoholism

Garrincha’s childhood was spent in extreme poverty and to make matters worse, he inherited his father’s addiction to alcohol. Garincha’s family was so poor that at the age of 14 he was forced to work in a textile mill. He was not interested in a professional career even after being carefree and having mastered football so much.

He didn’t play professional football until he was a teenager.  When the doctors said he could not play football. Garincha decided to prove them wrong. At the age of 19, he joined Botofogo club training sessions. Botofogo Club in 1953  He was already married and had become a parent before joining.

Team officials were pleased to learn that he was over 18 and could play as a professional. Once a respected member of the Brazilian national team, Garrincha demonstrated his extraordinary talent by dribbling the football with the front feet of Brazilian international defender and defensive midfielder Nilton Santos.

Seeing this, Santos was very impressed and he  Asked the club officials to take Garincha to the club and from here the story of becoming a legend in football started. In 1953, he got a chance to play in a football match from the Botafogo club. In this match, he performed brilliantly and Garincha scored a hat-trick. This marked the beginning of his professional career.

During the next 5 years at this club, he was famous as the world’s greatest right winger and single-handedly licked the dust of rivals. Wherever he went, his dribbles increased the number of his fans. He did not get a place in the Brazilian team in the 1954 World Cup.

In 1957 he won the Campeonato Carioca title to Botofogo. Due to the 20 goals scored in this match, he requested the national team selectors to include his name in the 1958 Football World Cup. That was the World Cup right here. When the world witnessed the spectacular game of Garrincha and Pele. 


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