Garud Puran: Why should one listen to Garud Puran after the death of a family member at home, know things related to it

Garud Puran Path: Garud Puran is such a book of Hinduism in which description of many things from birth and death to heaven-hell and many other things is found. It has been told that what are the things that happen after death, which lead a person to salvation or misery. There are a total of nineteen thousand verses in the Garuda Purana, out of which seven thousand verses tell the importance of knowledge, religion, ethics, life, dignity, virtue, sacrifice and penance to a person.

The knowledge of Garuda Purana inspires a person to walk in the right path. When a family member dies at home, Garuda Purana is recited for the whole 13 days. All the family members sit together and listen to the lesson. It is said in the scriptures that by reciting Garuda Purana, the soul of the deceased gets freedom from delusion and attains salvation.

Importance of listening to Garuda Purana after the death of a relative

  • It is believed that the soul of the deceased remains in the house for the entire 13 days. That’s why Garuda Purana is recited. Even the dead have to listen to this lesson. Through this, he knows about heaven, hell, speed, salvation, misery and all kinds of motions.
  • Hearing the text of Garuda Purana, he comes to know that for the next journey after death- What things will have to be faced and in which world they will go.
  • When Garuda Purana is recited at home after the death of a family member, the family members along with the deceased come to know what is salvation and in what way. Good deeds are attained after death.
  • Garuda Purana describes about heaven and hell. It has been said in this that punishments are given after death only on the basis of deeds. In Garuda Purana Lord Vishnu has told what things lead a person to salvation.

Listening to the recitation of Garuda Purana after death gives peace to the soul of the deceased and leaving the attachment to the family and all the sorrows of the world, goes on the path of God. It has been said in the scriptures that the soul of some people takes another birth immediately after death. Some take 3 days, some 10-13 days and some take 1.25 months. If a person dies prematurely, it takes one year to take another birth.

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