Gathering of veterans in Gujarat, PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi’s respective claims on tribals

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: On Monday (November 21) many veterans shouted in the state for the Gujarat assembly elections. On the one hand, PM Modi while handling the field on behalf of the BJP launched a vigorous attack on the Congress. On the other hand, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi also took charge of the election campaign for the party and held its first election rally in the state. AAP convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was also in Gujarat on Monday. 

1. PM Modi on Monday addressed rallies in Dhrangadhra in Surendranagar district, Jambusar in Bharuch district and Navsari city. During this, he lashed out at Congress and Rahul Gandhi. The Prime Minister vehemently raised the issue of Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry’s statement showing ‘status’ and Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar’s participation in Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra. 

2. The PM said that the Congress people are saying that they will show Modi his status. What did you call me the merchant of death, the worm of the dirty drain, but I have no status, I am only a servant of the public. I have to make Gujarat a developed state, progress of the country, I will work 24 hours where necessary. Congress is a royal family, I have no status in front of them. In fact, on November 12, when the Congress released the manifesto for the Gujarat Assembly elections, Madhusudan Mistry had said that PM Modi would be shown his worth in the elections. Earlier in the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, Sonia Gandhi had called Modi a merchant of death. 

3. PM Modi hit out at the Congress, saying that its leaders remained insensitive about the tribal community for a long time, while they have been living in the country since the days of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. Congress leaders also made fun of him for wearing traditional tribal costumes in public functions. The previous Congress candidates had left the tribals in Gujarat to fend for themselves, while the BJP, after coming to power, addressed their issues like education, health, malnutrition and employment.

4. PM Modi on Monday took a dig at Rahul Gandhi while raising the issue of Medha Patkar. He said that those who were thrown out of power are now taking out a yatra to come back to power. They can do that, but they are walking with those who stalled the Narmada Dam project for 40 years. PM Modi was talking about Medha Patkar here. Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar had participated in Bharat Jodo Yatra in Maharashtra. The PM further said that the people of the state will work to punish the Narmada protesters. 

5. Rahul Gandhi on Monday Gujarat Assembly Elections. He addressed public meetings in Surat and Rajkot. During this, he raised the issue of farmers, tribals and youth. Rahul Gandhi stopped his Bharat Jodo tour to campaign in Gujarat. 

6. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that he felt the pain of farmers, youth and tribals during his Bharat Jodo Yatra. He accused the BJP of planning to displace the tribals by handing over forests to industrialists. The Congress leader said that the tribals are the first owners of the country, but the BJP is working to take away their forests and keep their children away from modern education. BJP is stopping the progress of tribals.

7. Rahul Gandhi said that farmers have shared their experiences of not getting fair price for their crops, crop insurance money or loan waiver. While the youth have spoken about being unemployed and failing to realize their dreams. He said that the BJP has shattered the dreams of the youth.

8. The Congress MP also raised the issue of Morbi bridge accident. He said that 150 people have died in the Morbi accident, this is not a political issue. The question arises that no action was taken against those who did this work, no FIR was lodged. He has a good relationship with BJP so will nothing happen to him? Chowkidars were caught inside, nothing happened against those responsible. 

9. AAP convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is also exerting force in the Gujarat elections. He did a road show in Amreli, Gujarat on Monday. During this, he said that BJP-Congress people do not talk about inflation, I will get you freedom from inflation. You don’t need to pay electricity bill from March 1, your brother will waive your electricity bill. Kejriwal’s guarantee is sure. He abuses me a lot, Kejriwal is giving free hawkers, there will be loss…don’t worry, Kejriwal is well educated, he will not let the loss happen.

10. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also held rallies on Monday at Jam Khambhalia in Dwarka, Kodinar in Gir Somnath, Mangrol in Junagadh and later in the evening in Bhuj in Kutch. During this, he said that the people of Gujarat have to choose between the Bharatiya Janata Party, which makes the state safe, and the Congress, which plunges it into communal violence. He said that Gujarat’s development was stalled due to communal violence (during Congress rule).

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