General Knowledge: Why are the wheels of the vehicle black?

Automobile Facts: For road safety it is very important to keep the wheels safe. This is the reason why companies pay special attention to their strength. Cars decorated with different colors are seen shining on the road. From car models to features, everything is different. But one thing that is common is the color of the wheels. All vehicles have black wheels.

How to make a white latex flywheel black?

Earlier the wheels were of white color

125 years ago, the wheels of the vehicle were of white colour. Earlier shoots were mixed to strengthen them. After years of research and improvement of technology and production, carbon black in wheels  Started mixing.

Why add carbon black?

Carbon black manages the heat emanating from all the parts of the vehicle. This is the reason that even in the scorching sun, the heat generated by the friction of the road and the vehicle does not damage the tires.

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