Get rid of notifications with these tricks without deleting WhatsApp

Permanently Off Whatsapp Notifications : Perhaps WhatsApp will be your favorite app, but you will also be upset by the incoming WhatsApp notifications on it. In the middle of important work, the phone would start ringing and in such a situation, one would like to delete the app, because it is not easy to ignore it when the notification tone is played. In such a situation, when it becomes a waste of time, it is not known. Here we will show you how to completely turn off WhatsApp notifications without uninstalling the app.

1.  Turn Off Notifications from WhatsApp

For this you see these settings- 
WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > In this, select ‘None’ in the notification tone menu for Messages. 

Now you turn off the vibration, “Light” In the option “None” Select “Use high priority notifications” Turn off it too. All the same steps can be applied in group settings as well. 

2. Turn off notifications from your Android phone.

Android system also sends separate notifications for apps. Therefore, to be completely cut-off from WhatsApp, you have to turn off this notification.
For this do these steps- 

-Go to Settings.
-Click on Apps and Notifications.
-Click on Apps.
-Select WhatsApp.
-Go to Notifications. over here "All WhatsApp Notifications" Turn it off. 

3. ‘Force Stop’ WhatsApp

That way, you’ll be able to stay away from heavy texting on WhatsApp without deleting the app or turning off your internet connection.

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