Ghaziabad: 9 years ago the robbers had brutally murdered seven people of the same family, got this punishment

UP News: You must have heard about the new township of Ghaziabad. In which seven people of a family were brutally killed. On Monday, finally, after nine years and two months, a Ghaziabad court has sentenced Rahul Verma, accused of seven murders, to death. Along with this, a damages of one lakh has also been imposed. Now we tell you about the whole incident.

What’s the matter?
Actually, the night of 21 May 2013 proved to be the last night of the Goel family. In the Nai Basti area of ​​Kotwali Ghantaghar area, a barbarian businessman Satish Goyal, wife Manju Goyal, son Sachin Goyal, Sachin’s wife Rekha, sons and daughters Aman, Megha and Honey were murdered. The whole area was horrified by the horrific murder of seven people of the same family. Seeing the picture that came out at that time, everyone’s heart stopped. 

how the incident happened?
According to the police, the reason behind this massacre was the loot of a huge amount of businessman. Former driver Rahul Verma had an apprehension that about 40 to 45 lakh rupees were kept in the house of the deceased businessman. On the basis of this information, accused Rahul Verma wanted to carry out the robbery by entering the house of the deceased, but at the same time the eyes of the family members were opened. After which Rahul carried out the brutal murders one after the other. 

But still Rahul did not get any big amount from there. Rahul got some gold jewelery and money from his house. Taking them, Rahul fled from the spot. But after the police investigation, the police arrested Rahul. On Monday, in this long case that lasted for almost nine years, the Ghaziabad court has finally sentenced Rahul to death.

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what the victim said?
According to jail sources, Rahul had reduced food and drink in jail since the date of the verdict was fixed. The fear of death is also being seen on his face. The victim’s lawyer Devraj told that in the year  2013, on the night of 21-22 May, it had killed seven people of a wholesaler. It was the driver with them, before the incident, he had stolen about four and a half lakh rupees. He did not report it, it was known that there is 35 to 40 lakh rupees in cash in his house, because he had to undergo a kidney operation. 

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