Ghazipur: The board chairman who arrived to lay the foundation of the madrasa said – religious training will be given along with modern education

Ghazipur News: Madrasa Board Chairman Iftekhar Javed reached Mohammadpur village to lay the foundation of a modern education madrasa for worldly education as well as religious education in Ghazipur, where the chairman Participated in the organized procession and after that did the work of laying the foundation of the madrasa. During this, he told that along with modern education, religious training will also be given in this madrasa.

During this, in the name of religious education in madrasas, he said that Muslims are being trained very fast, this training has been sent by Allah. He said that Allah has said that even if you have to go to China to get education, then go to China. Along with religious education, Science, Maths, GK and other courses are also being taught in madrassas.

‘Rapid changes coming in madrassas’
On the implementation of NCERT books in madrassas, he said that madrassas are now changing very fast. The state government is constantly emphasizing on this. PM’s dream is that the children of Muslims should have Quran in one hand and computer training in one hand. He should follow the path of religion as well as follow the path of the world. Madrasas are continuously working on this. Let us inform that during the survey of madrassas in the past, about eight and a half thousand madrassas were found unrecognized in the entire state. After this, Iftekhar Javed, chairman of the madrassa board, denied this.

‘No madrassa is illegal’
Madrassa Board Chairman Iftekhar Javed further said that no madrassa is illegal and no one is illegal, who said this. Surveys keep on happening, surveys are done for schools, surveys are done for education. All the madrasas are working in a better direction. We are working on the rules and regulations of the state government. There are more than 7.5 lakh children in madrassas who belong to the country, no madrassa is wrong. Don’t use wrong words, all madrassas are legal. 

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