Ghazipur: The rising water level of the Ganga raised the concern of the administration, DM gave instructions to remain alert

Ghazipur News: The water level of Ganga is increasing continuously in Ghazipur, UP. Due to which the tributaries of the district have also come in spate. Although the water level of the Ganges is still two meters below the danger mark, in such a situation, DM MP Singh of the district himself reached the office of the Central Water Commission built on the banks of the Ganges and inquired about the water level of the Ganges. Along with this, he also instructed all the officers and employees to be alert. 

Rise in Ganga’s water level raises concern 

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instructions to the officers to be on alert mode
Talking to the media about this, the DM said that the danger mark of Ganga comes after crossing 61 meters, after which the district’s More than 100 villages are affected, about which instructions have been given to the officials to be alert. Along with this, the citizens of the village, the village heads have also been put in alert mode that if Ganga water enters the village, then they should reach the nearby flood post or if there is any other problem, inform the district administration. < /p>

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