Girls must keep these 5 things in purse, they will work

Sometimes you go out after doing makeup but that makeup doesn’t last the whole day, after some time the makeup starts getting dull, so keep some things with you in such a way that you can touch up. Be it an event in college or a party, it is important to look beautiful. Between college, studies and job, your skin often becomes dull after a while and loses its luster. Tired eyes, a cumbersome face and a day’s fatigue can spoil your look. In such a situation, you should try that there are some such things in your purse, which will immediately prepare you for any college party or event. So let’s know what are the things that you can always keep in your purse.

Babylip-Whenever you are outside for a long time, due to fatigue, the color of your lips can become discolored. In such a situation, baby lipsticks of different brands can make your lips glowing in a few moments. Baby lipstick will also moisturize your lips and make them pink.

Kajal-Whenever you go out, applying kajal enhances your makeup even more, so you must keep kajal in your purse so that you can touch up later.

dio-A body deo should always be with you in this crowded life. No matter what, Body Deo will help you to avoid the smell of sweat. This will give you a feeling of freshness.

CC Cream-Anytime if you have to go out for any work, then you should apply CC cream well on your face. This protects the face from dust and sun.

Dry Shampoo-Your hair becomes dry and lifeless due to dust and sun outside the house. No look is perfect until you have a shine in your hair. In such a situation, using dry shampoo can bring life to your hair immediately. Dry shampoo is like a spray that you can use wherever you are.

Sanitary Pads-Period may or may not come but it is very important for you to always have sanitary pads in your purse. For this, always keep a pack of sanitary pads in your purse.

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