Global crises like Corona and Ukraine-Russia War increased India’s status

India’s Position on World: Why did the earth complete two revolutions of the sun that a lot changed in the world. During this crisis like Corona and then the Russo-Ukraine war has created a new record of India’s status and the world’s need for it. This script makes it clear that neither India can be ignored nor its stand in any major work being done in the world. This is the reason that everyone from west to east and from north to south is trying to woo and woo India.

Increased confidence in India’s capabilities 

, an agreement was reached between the European Union and India on developing reliable technology of the future. Naturally, China’s capture of 5G technology is going to increase everyone’s concern.

India is also a sign of increased importance that despite talking about avoiding sanctions imposed against Russia on Ukraine war and saving its relations with Moscow, the western community does not want to stand against it. After the 2+2 talks in Washington, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken also admitted from a public forum that India has old relations with Russia. Which cannot be ended suddenly. Not only this, on the questions raised about the Indian stand on Ukraine, Blinken said that the Indian leadership has talked to both sides to end the violence and find a solution through dialogue.

Britain accepts Indian approach

jealousy in neighboring countries due to this rising status of India 

Imran Khan is still saying in his public meetings that no one tells India anything. While he resisted pressure from America and Western countries, he was forced to oust him from power.

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