Gold: Loss of gold, good or bad? There may be a sign of bad luck and the deterioration of this planet

Gold: Gold is one of the most precious metals. Gold is seen as a sacred metal in Hinduism. The luster of gold attracts everyone. Women like it more. Gold is also used in the mangalsutra of married women. But do you know that if gold is lost, misplaced or stolen, then what is it a sign of? Otherwise, let’s know-

astrological importance of gold
According to astrology, the relation of gold has been told with Jupiter ie Jupiter. Guru is also called Dev Guru Brihaspati. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet. It is also considered a factor of knowledge, administration, high position and happiness and prosperity.

Losing gold is auspicious or inauspicious
The relation of gold is also associated with happiness and prosperity. Losing it is not considered auspicious. That is why it is said to protect gold. According to Shakun Shastra, the loss of gold can be a sign of misfortune. Along with this, this can also be a sign of the weakening of the planet Jupiter. Weakness of Jupiter makes it difficult to get a high position in life. There are obstacles in the field of education. Along with this, there is also trouble in married life. Stomach related diseases may occur. If gold is lost, one may have to face problems related to the planet Jupiter. Along with this these things can also be indicated-

  • Losing gold on the neck – can be a sign of a decrease in wealth.
  • Losing a gold bracelet – this can be a sign of loss of respect.
  • Gold Loss of ring- Losing a gold ring can lead to health-related problems."text-align: justify;"> Eating earrings – If the gold worn in the ear is lost, then it can be a sign of getting some bad news.

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