Gonda: Money taken from pregnant women for delivery, Health Director reprimanded CMS

UP News: The Additional Health Director reprimanded the CMS for the complaints being received in Gonda District Women’s Hospital. Here a complaint has been received from pregnant women about taking a hefty amount in the name of getting them delivered. When the Additional Health Director talked to the relatives of the patients in the whole matter, the whole matter was found correct, during this it was found that money was taken from three people. On the other hand, there is an allegation on the woman CMS Dr. Sushma Singh that she does not pick up the calls of the patients.

Here the patients are neither getting better health facilities nor cleanliness is being fully taken care of in the wards of the hospital. done inspection. During the inspection, he received complaints of taking money from the patients. Along with this, the matter of prescribing medicines from outside also came to notice. Not only this, during the inspection, he expressed strong displeasure after seeing the terrible filth in the ward. Along with this, the CMS of the hospital was also reprimanded for playing with the patients. 

Serious complaints were received against the women CMS

Mandal’s Additional Director Health Dr. Anil Mishra did a surprise inspection of the District Women’s Hospital of Gonda on the complaint of the people. During the inspection, he interacted with the patients and inquired about their condition. On which he found that money was taken from three patients after the delivery operation. Along with this, medicines were also prescribed to him from outside, on which he expressed strong displeasure. After which he gave strict instructions to the CMS that the patients from whom the money has been taken should be returned immediately, otherwise punitive action will be taken against them. Not only this, during the inspection, he found gross filth in the general and private wards, for which he reprimanded the CMS of the hospital, Dr. Sushma Singh. Also instructed to take strict action against those who make illegal recovery from patients. 

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