Gonzalo Ramos did wonders against Switzerland, first hat-trick of FIFA World Cup 2022

Hat Trick Record: The match between Portugal and Switzerland was played in the pre-quarter final of the FIFA World Cup 2022. In this match, Portugal defeated Switzerland by a big margin of 6-1, showing amazing game. In this match, Portuguese player Gonzalo Ramos showed a wonderful game and scored a hat-trick goal in the match. This was the first hat-trick of the World Cup 2022.

Gonzalo Ramos did wonders
Gonzalo Ramos for Portugal was involved in the pre-quarterfinal match as a replacement for star player Cristiano Ronaldo. In such a situation, there was a lot of pressure on him. Gonzalo came out even more under this pressure and in this match he scored three consecutive goals one after the other. It was his hat-trick that ensured Portugal’s victory against Switzerland.

In the pre-quarter final match, Gonzalo scored in the 17th minute, 51st minute and 67th minute. This was also the first hat-trick of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Only on the basis of the brilliant performance of Gonzalo and other players of the team, Portugal has been able to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup after 16 years. Before this World Cup, the Portuguese team reached the quarter-finals in the year 2006. That year the team reached the semi-finals. 

2nd Portuguese player after Ronaldo to score hat-trick in World Cup
Gonzalo Romas has become the second player in World Cup history to score a hat-trick after star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo from his team Portugal . Ronaldo scored a hat-trick of goals against Spain in the year 2018. At that time he scored in the 4th minute, 44th minute and 88th minute of the match. It was only on the basis of Ronaldo’s goal that Portugal played a 3–3 draw with Spain.

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