Gorakhpur: SSP strict on negligence in public hearing, suspended 6 police officers on the spot

Gorakhpur News: SSP of Gorakhpur expressed displeasure over the negligence in public hearing. He took a tough stand on not resolving the problems of the complainants who came to the office on Monday. He‍along with the in-charge of the respective police stations, he also imposed the death of the inspectors. For being negligent in handling the problems of the complainants who reached his office on Monday, he reprimanded the police station and the inspectors in front of the victims. During this, he took action and suspended two police officers and four police officers.

reprimanded the officers
Gorakhpur’s Police Lines‍S Auditorium, Gorakhpur SSP Dr. Vipin Tada called the victims late on Wednesday night and met the SHO of the concerned police station and the investigators. Asked the reason for the delay in disposal of the case. During this, the victims showed the wounds of the body when no action was taken even in the case of assault and told that the Pattidars have beaten them fiercely for the land on which they are the owner. The police didn’t even take any action. Angered at this, the SSP reprimanded the police station and the inspectors and said that after all the problems of the victims were not resolved.

4 constables suspended 
SSP Dr. Vipin Tada said that there was a matter of civil court in the land dispute, so why were the victims not asked to go to court. Along with this, why the hearing was not done in the cases of assault. He‍he also asked that why‍or at the police station, they are not showing any element in the matter. This is the reason why the police station and the victims have been brought face to face. In fact, after the SSP office was crowded with the complainants coming from different police stations, he took this action and suspended two police stations on line spot and four inspectors for negligence. The SSP reprimanded the policemen in front of the media cameras in the presence of the complainants. SSP’s on-the-spot no‍yay is being discussed across the district.

hearing lasted till late night
SHO was called by the SSP in the Police Lines auditorium regarding 150 complainants and their complaints. The SSP started reviewing the complaints by sitting them face to face. On finding negligence, the S‍Pot SSP gave the verdict. The public hearing continued till late night in the Police Lines Auditorium. During this, the police station and the inspector who appeared on the line came by the government vehicle, but after the action went back on foot. Gorakhpur SSP Dr. Vipin Tada said that along with 150 complainants who came on Monday, the concerned SHO, Sub Ins‍Pek‍Tar and Kans‍Tab along with other‍Y people were called. Many complainants were called on Monday. Questions were answered from both sides.

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