‘Government cannot play with the future of youth’, said Shivpal Yadav against Agneepath scheme

UP News: In Etawah, Praspa chief Shivpal Singh Yadav has given a statement regarding the ongoing ruckus in the country and the state regarding the Agneepath scheme. Praspa chief Shivpal Singh Yadav said that the life of the youth cannot be cut off by this scheme of the government. Accusing the government, he said that leaving the job after four years of service is playing with the youth. The government is cheating the youth. The government should reconsider this law and withdraw it. Chief Shivpal Singh Yadav, opposing the Agniveer scheme, called this scheme playing with the youth, where Shivpal Singh said that giving four years’ job and then throwing him out of the job, if this is not playing then what else is. Such a law should not be made.

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Suggestions to the government< /strong>
Shivpal said that only four years of job cannot cut the life of the youth. Jobs should be given to the youth throughout their life. Shivpal said about the opposition of the youth in the country and the state that the government should reconsider this matter and withdraw the law and make it a law again with the opinion of the youth. If they get a chance, they will talk to the government on this issue and give suggestions to the government in favor of the youth.

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