Government is giving money to married men for sterilization, know what is family planning scheme

Raipur News: There are many schemes of the Central Government and the State Government across the country. Under which the needy is helped. 3 thousand rupees are being given to men in Chhattisgarh for sterilization. Apart from this, if a man is harmed or killed in any way, then compensation has been prescribed for it. 

Increased participation of men in family planning in Chhattisgarh
Often the women’s share of narcissism is assumed to be the responsibility. But Chhattisgarh is better in this matter across the country. The number of men having state sterilization is continuously increasing. Experts also say that male sterilization is much simpler and safer than female sterilization as a permanent means of family planning. But men have also been prescribed eligibility for sterilization. According to this, a man must be married, 60 years of age or less, and the couple should have at least one child who is more than one year old for sterilization. /p>

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Easy sterilization of men instead of women 
Dr. T.K. Tondar told that there are some misconceptions about vasectomy. Some people believe that vasectomy causes physical weakness. This is absolutely a misconception, male sterilization is more simple and safe than female sterilization. Vasectomy is an easy procedure that can be done in a few minutes. It is 99.9 percent effective. Semen is tested three months after sterilization. Sterilization is considered successful only if the sperm is found to be zero in the test.

Val sterilization is an easy procedure
Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Naval, who has performed maximum number of vasectomy in the state, says that vasectomy is a permanent, effective and convenient way to curb the birth rate. It improves sex life and removes mental anxiety of pregnancy. Vasectomy is a common procedure. Which is done free of cost in government hospitals. Male testicles have a tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the urethra. The process of sterilization is done to prevent this passage.

The person who gets vasectomy will get so much money
Dr. T.K. Tondar told that for getting sterilization done, a man is given 3 thousand rupees. Which is deposited in his bank account. If any non-government servant, Mitanin, ANM or Anganwadi worker plays the role of a motivator for vasectomy, then there is a provision of giving Rs 400 to them. Apart from this, 60 thousand rupees are given on the failure of sterilization. If death is given within seven days after sterilization, a compensation of Rs.4 lakh is given. If death occurs within eight to 30 days of sterilization, a provision of Rs.1 lakh is given. Complications arise within 60 days after vasectomy But financial assistance of up to 50 thousand rupees is given for the treatment.

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