Group of 1500 devotees left for Sammed Shikhar from Udaipur, the station echoed with cheers

Udaipur News: A group of 1500 devotees left for Udaipur by train on Wednesday to visit Sammed Shikhar, the biggest religious place of Jainism, which was in limelight recently for being declared a tourist destination. This special train full of devotees was flagged off.  On this occasion, the devotees said that for the first time all of us are going to visit one place together. 

Hundreds of people reached the station to see off the devotees

1500 pilgrims left for the eternal pilgrimage Sammed Shikharji from Udaipur by train. A large number of city dwellers came to Udaipur railway station to see off these pilgrims. Everyone cheered at the railway station. This special train will return from Jharkhand on January 31 and reach Udaipur. In fact, on January 28 in Sammed Shikhar ji, there will be a celebration of the penance of Acharya Guruvar Prasanna Sagar Maharaj. Religious leaders from all over the country are going for this program. In this sequence, this train left from Udaipur. The whole atmosphere at the railway station turned religious, everyone was wishing the passengers. 

Free arrangement for all passengers

This trip has been organized by Sushila and Basanti Velawat family. In this a special train was booked for all 1500 passengers. Along with the train journey, stay there and food will also be from their side. A day before the departure of the special train, religious programs were organized in which passengers danced on henna, bhajans and religious songs. In the morning everyone came out from the residence of the Velawat family with music and music. On the other hand, on the matter of declaring Sammed Shikhar ji as a tourist destination, the passengers said that it was a complete political conspiracy. There both tribals and Jains live with love. 

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