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Neel gets a call when he is in a bathroom. Kaju picks his call. Neel’s friend asks why didn’t he pay competition fees yet, he worked hard to enroll himself into a competition and now is delaying himself. Neel walks out of bathroom. Kaju gives him phone. Neel speaks to his friend and says he will pay fees soon. Kaju feels guilty that Neel is unable to pay fees because of her. Neel asks her not to blame herself.

Dev returns home after being released from police station. Nimrit asks if police inspector troubled him a lot, she tried her best to donce the officer, but the officer was adamant. Dev says its good that everything is settled now. Pari says not yet and welcomes Chandini and Noor in. Chandini recalls making a deal with Pari to let her and Noor stay with Dev instead of withdrawing her domestic violence on Dev.

Nutan notices Kaju lost in thoughts while ironing he dress and burns it. She alerts Kaju and asks what happened to her. Kaju reveals that she broke Neel’s camera lens by mistake and bought a new one by mortgaging her ring for 5000 rs, and when Neel heart about it, he gave his competition’s fees to Pavitra and took back ring from her. Nutan gives her 5000 rs and asks her to give it to Neel and ask him to pay competition fees. Kaju hesitates, but Nutan asks if Neel and Kaju are not her children. Kaju happily hugs and apologizes her.

Nimrit asks Chandini why did she return to Dev’s house. Chandini says after seeing Dev’s love for Pari, she realized what she lost’ she needs both Dev and his wealth. Nimrit says she should use Chandini to get Pari out of Dev’s life if she needs Dev back. Chandini grins. Dev brings chocolates for Noor and asks Pari to give it to Noor. Pari gives chocs and says its okay if Noor doesn’t share a single choc with her. Dev says he brought chocs even for her. Pari jumps happily. Noor throws chocs on Pari’s face and walks away.

Neel hurriedly rushes out of the house to pay competition fees. Kaju stops him and feeds him food. Pendrive falls from his pocket, which they both don’t notice. Chandini brainwashed Noor against Pari and says papa is a not a trophy to be shared with Pari, so she should snatch back papa from Pari.

Precap: Neel informs Kaju that he lost his pendrive somewhere. Bhoomi hearing their conversation notices pendrive on the floor and hides it.
Chandini tells Noor that Dev bought a dress for Noor and Pari. Noor gets jealous seeing Pari’s dress and tears her own dress.

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