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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

JD praises Kaju for her dance performance gifts her a gold chain. Kajal refuses to to accept it but then agrees Jealous Bhoomi drops the chain while handing it over to kajal. JD scolds Kaju. Kaju picks it and runs away. Neel stops her midway and says he is confused if she is more beautiful or her dance and tries to show her dancing pics. She runs away from there.

Kajal returns home and excitedly meets Pallavi. Pallavi gets angry on her for dancing during the sangeet ceremony. Kajal asks why didn’t she stop her last night then. Pallavi warns her not to dance again. Kajal tries to explain that there is nothing wrong in dancing and everyone praised her dance. Phool Singh walks in and says it doesn’t look good if decent family girls dance and singh. Pallavi backs him and walks in. Phool Singh then threatens Kajal to obey him or else he knows ways to make her obey him.

After sometime, Pallavi informs Kajal that she needs to visit Satyakam’s house soon as guests are waiting for her to take them on a local tour as a guide. Kajal smiles and leaves. She then takes guests on a tour and explains them about the flora and fauna at hill station. Dhruv is surprised to see her and asks if she even works as a guide . Kajal nods yes. Neel clicks pictures of the nature and even Kajal. Kajal asks him why he is clicking her pictures as if there is nothing else to click. He he will click both the nature and her and asks her to pose for hm.

Phool Singh hires goons and orders them to push Neel from the cliff and get him out of his way. Neil reaches the cliff edge while clicking pictures. Goons push him down. He falls down and hangs on the branch of a a tree. At home, Pari feels uneasy and tells family that she feels there is somethig wrong with Neel and she needs to go to help him. Everyone ignore and scold her. On the other side, Kajal searches for Neel and finds him hanging on a tree branch midway the cliff.

Precap: Kajal tries to rescue Neel while Pari on the other side gets worried for Neel.

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