Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi hit back at Rahul Gandhi’s statement on Savarkar

Rahul Gandhi On Savarkar: On Rahul Gandhi’s statement of calling VD Savarkar (Veer Savarkar) Maafi Veer, BJP said that he does not need to give any certificate. Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi said that Savarkar means sacrifice. 

On Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Sanghvi said that Savarkar means fast, Savarkar means sacrifice and tenacity. He will now give the certificate to Savarkar, to whom no one himself is ready to give the certificate. Freedom fighters like Savarkar had served the sentence of black water. They don’t know anything about the country’s history and culture.

contribution does not mean’

On the question that Rahul Gandhi describes himself as a Brahmin and the best  Hindu, Harsh Sanghvi replied that we know him very well. Everyone knows what he used to say and do. Humiliating great souls like Veer Savarkar does not suit him, he gave important days of his life to the country. Rahul Gandhi does not know the meaning of contribution.

Will it be beneficial in elections? 

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