Gupt Daan: Just by donating these things, luck opens, you become rich overnight

Gupt Daan, Importance of Daan: Dan has a special significance in Hinduism. It is a religious belief that giving charity brings virtuous benefits and makes life happy. This gives auspicious results. Moksha is attained after death. But if the donation is kept secret, its importance and virtuous benefits increase manifold. It has been said in astrology that by doing auspicious work like charity, the planetary defects are also pacified. There are many types of charity, but great importance has been given to three types of charity. These are –Nitya Daan, Naimittik Daan and Kamya Daan.  

Religious belief that even by secret donations, virtuous benefits are obtained. Which after donating should not be told to anyone. It is called secret donation. It is said that by donating these things secretly, your sleeping luck can be awakened. By donating the following things, the blessings of the gods and goddesses rain and make the devotees rich overnight.

Water Ka donation

At present the heat is getting very hot. At this time people are in great need of water. In such a situation, giving water to the wanderers or passers-by is a very virtuous act. People willing to donate secretly can get the pots kept at the place – By making a pot, people can arrange water for drinking.  


Sattu and Jaggery Ka Donation

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