Gupt Navratri 2022: These 10 Mahavidyas are practiced in Gupt Navratri, know which siddhis attain tantriks

Gupt Navratri 2022: Special importance of Gupt Navratri falling in the month of Ashadha has been told in Sanatan Dharma. In this, spiritual practice is done with true devotion and devotion to the ten powers of Maa Durga. It is said that this Navratri is very favorable for Tantriks and Aghoris. When these 10 powers are pleased, the person gets rare and incomparable power. Ashadh Gupt Navratri is starting from 30th June. Let us know which are the ten Mahavidyas of Gupt Navratri.

1- Maa Kali

Maa Kali is the first form in the Mahavidyas. This power of Maa Durga was incarnated to kill a demon named Raktabeej. Maa Kali is considered to be the destroyer of the wicked. In Gupt Navratri, tantriks attain divine powers by doing sadhna of Maa Kali. Goddess Kali should be worshiped during Gupt Navratri. Worshiping Maa Kali also removes the fear of premature death.

2- Maa Tara

Maa Tara gets rid of all the adversities and problems that come in life. Gets rid of troubles. Maa Tara’s sadhana is completely Aghori sadhna. Worshiping this goddess also brings peace and prosperity.

3- Maa Tripura Sundari

According to the scriptures, Maa Tripura Sundari is the most beautiful of the three worlds. is considered. Her mother is also known as Shodashi. Worshiping Mother Tripura Sundari leads to salvation. To hypnotize a person, Tantriks do their spiritual practice.

4- Maa Bhuvaneshwari

Maa Bhuneshwari nurtures the whole world. , creates air, earth, fire and water. All the power-forms of the world worship her. The blessings of Mother Bhuvaneshwari bring wealth.

5- Maa Chhinnamasta

Mother Chhinnamasta is worshiped in both fierce and calm form. This Mahavidya is related to Mahapralay. Worshiping Maa Chhinnamasta in Gupt Navratri, the seeker gets the accomplishment of Maa Saraswati.

6-Maa Tripura Bhairavi

Sixth of Gupt Navratri The day is dedicated to Mother Bhairavi. Tripura Bhairavi has been called Bandichhod Mata. By worshiping them, one gets freedom from court cases, imprisonment and many bonds. The origin of Tripura Bhairavi is from the shadow of Mahakali.  

7-Mother Dhumavati

According to the beliefs, when Mother Sati married her father. Here she burnt herself to ashes in the Havan Kund. Then the smoke that had emanated from her body appeared from the same smoke as Mother Dhumavati. That is, Mother Dhumavati is the physical form of Mother Sati in the form of smoke. Control of disease, grief and misery is done by the practice of Mother Dhumavati. Knowledge is obtained.

8-Maa Baglamukhi

Maa Baglamukhi is worshiped to defeat enemies and opponents. It is believed that during the Mahabharata period, Shri Krishna and Arjuna also worshiped Baglamukhi mother to win over the Kauravas. .

9- Maa Matangi

Matangi Devi is described as the goddess of nature. Maa Matangi is considered to be the presiding deity of speech and music. The person who worships him with devotion gets all the pleasures of household life. According to the beliefs, Mother Matangi is the only one among all the goddesses to whom the food is offered.

10 – Maa Kamala

In the scriptures, to Maa Kamala. Goddess Kamala is also known as Tantrik Lakshmi. Worshiping her gives the same virtue as worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and she bestows her devotees with wealth and opulence.

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