Hair Care Tips: What is there in shampoo that can damage hair? Shampoo everyday or not, also understand this

Hair Care Tips: Our glowing face, shiny teeth and smile play an important role in making a good impression on the person in front of us, equally important is the contribution of our good hair. Clean and silky hair adds charm to our personality. On the other hand, if the hair is damaged or disheveled, then it spoils our look. To keep the hair clean and strong, people use different types of shampoos. Not only shampoo but with the changing times you people have started using many types of products like conditioner, hair gel, serum, hair oil etc. Even though these products make your hair strong and stylish, but these products contain some dangerous chemicals which are not good for our hair at all.

The pouch or bottle of shampoo or conditioner which comes with designer packaging from outside, looks attractive to us but, the liquid inside it damages our hair. Actually, many types of chemicals are found in it which damages our hair. Let us know which chemicals are there in shampoos which harm our hair.

Not one but many chemicals cause harm-


Preservatives are added to beauty products so that they do not spoil for a long time. Butylparaben, propylparaben and methylparaben are some of the common parabens used in beauty products. It is not only harmful for our hair, but it is harmful for every part of the body where beauty products are used. Actually, they enter our body through the skin and work to damage hormones and genes. Some parabens are so dangerous that they even cause cancer.


Alcohol is also used in some shampoos. Alcohol makes our hair dry and weak. When you run your hand on the head or scratch, then the hair starts breaking due to weakness.


Sulfate is used in shampoo which is a kind of cleaning agent. Actually, it is useful in removing the dirt which is usually used in toilet cleaner, detergent or soap. The sulfates dry out the scalp and the natural oils strip away sebum. Due to this the hair becomes weak and breaks suddenly.


You must have seen many shampoos from which good fragrance comes. That is, when you come out after shampooing, a good smell comes from your head. Even if you like this smell, but it is not good for hair at all. Actually, Phthalate chemical is used to enhance the fragrance in shampoos. This not only weakens the hair, but also increases the risk of cancer and kidney damage.

Is shampooing everyday good or bad

According to health experts, washing hair daily makes it weak and starts breaking. Actually, hair is like a type of wool fiber which if we wash it daily, it becomes dry and starts breaking. On the other hand, if you shampoo two to three times a week, it removes the weakened hair from your head and makes room for new hair. Hair regenerates in our body in a continuous cycle of growth and hairfall unless there is a serious illness.

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