Hair Growth: To make hair long, thick and shiny? This is a free home recipe

Hair Care: Frequent hair fall not only spoils our mood but also fills us with a fear of how we will look without hair… are we really fast moving towards baldness? ! It is normal to have such thoughts in the mind due to fast falling hair. And not only girls but boys also give full importance to their hair and consider it necessary to take time to take care of them. Because the look of a person is largely influenced by his hairstyle. Learn here how you can stop your hair fall completely, that too by taking just 5 minutes every day…

This important thing about hair 

only 5 minutes of work

Grow aloe vera plant in a pot in your house. With this, you will not need to spend money on aloe vera and your hair fall problem will be solved with free remedies. You have to take aloe vera leaf every day according to the length of your hair and extract its gel. For this, by adding some water, grind aloe vera in a mixer and make a gel and then filter it and fill it in a glass jar. You can use this gel every day and it stays fresh for 5 to 6 days.

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