Hair Loss: If you are also facing serious problem of hair loss, then definitely get this test done, otherwise you may have to repent later.

Causes Of Hair Loss: The problem of hair loss is common in both men and women, but if it starts falling more, then this simple looking problem can take a serious form.  Whenever your hair starts falling excessively, you should see a doctor immediately. Because sometimes hair fall also occurs due to lack of nutrition in the body.

Skin Specialist Dr. Gurveen Waraich has shared a video on his Instagram. In which he told that most of the Indian women are facing the problem of hair fall because they are not getting the right amount of nutrition. As much as they should get. 

These tests must be done once a year

Dr. Varaich says that the amount of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D in the body must be tested. Always check whether the amount of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Iron in the body is correct or not after 6 months. You should also take care of your diet and lifestyle. Before getting all these tests done, a doctor’s advice must be taken.

Iron deficiency: Due to lack of iron in the body, hair fall starts. Serum ferritin indicates iron deficiency in the body. Hair fall also occurs due to nutritional deficiency. Also, due to both hypo or hyper thyroid, hair starts falling. Thinning of hair and texture of hair itself lead to hair fall. 

According to Dr. Waraich there can be some other reasons behind hair fall


There can be genetic reasons behind hair loss. For example, if your parents’ hair is thin or falls due to some reason, then it is possible that you also had to face similar problems.


Due to tension too much hair falls. That’s why never take so much tension that your health  Losses started. 

hormonal imbalance

Due to hormonal disbalance, the problem of hair fall also arises. So take good care of your health. 

Chemical Products

Due to the use of more chemical products, hair fall also starts, so use the product after thinking carefully.


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