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The Episode starts with Beni telling Happu that Vimlesh’s jewellery is also fake. Happu is also upset. Gabbar comes there. Happu asks him to do penance. Gabbar says I will do anything for my daughter’s happiness. Manohar says drown in water. He says Happu might be thinking. Happu says Amma is angry, how I will do work here. Gabbar says I will handle samdhan ji. Manohar asks if she takes bribe. Happu asks Manohar, shall I beat you. He asks Gabbar to apologize to Amma and says I am badly trapped. Gabbar kisses Happu’s cheeks. Beni keeps hand on his cheeks. Gabbar asks for tea.

Hritik says so much mess happened due to our experiment. Malaika blames them for igniting the fire. Hritik asks why did Nana ji gave fake necklace. He asks her to give idea to convince Dadi. Malaika says Dadi will not agree. Ranbir says Dadi must have thought something by now. Chamchi says dadi will agree with the bribe.

Gabbar comes home and says samdhan ji, Radhe Radhe. He keeps the wine for her, and says it is from England. Amma doesn’t believe him and says she will smell it and identify. Happu defends Gabbar and tells that he didn’t sleep since 2 days. Rajjo defends Gabbar. Vimlesh says Papa was financially not stable during Rajjo’s marriage. Gabbar apologizes. Amma forgives him and asks what would be the rate of the original necklace. Gabbar says 7.5 lakhs. Amma demands him to give 15 lakhs. Happu says he has apologized. Rajjo asks what is this demand. Amma asks him to give 15 lakhs, else his daughters will have no entry in their houses. Gabbar falls on Amma’s feet. Rajjo packs her bags. Happu asks her not to leave the house, seeing the kids. Rajjo says I am requesting you to make the kids go to tution. Happu requests her not to go. Rajjo beats him a lot. Happu says then also I will not get sleep and asks her not to go.

Beni asks Vimlesh not to go. Vimlesh says you didn’t say anything infront of Amma. Beni says Amma slaps the men. Vimlesh says you have saved your cheeks. She says from where Papa will bring 15 lakhs. Beni jokes and asks her not to go. He emotionally blackmails her. Vimlesh says nothing will happen to you, I have kept many fast. Rajjo says she didn’t see such greedy woman in her life. Happu says I will not let you go and asks if she is going for forever. He lies down on the way. Rajjo packs all her sarees and goes outside. Happu runs out. Beni comes to Happu and tells Vimlesh is leaving the house. Happu says Rajjo is also going. Beni asks him to call the kids and says only they can stop her. Kat says she will stop the mother. Chamchi says she can’t go. Rajjo comes and tells that she is going to their Nana’s house. Kat says house will become desert without you. Happu says yes. Chamchi says how we can stay without you. Rajjo says you can stay well with your Papa and Dadi. Vimlesh says have food at Beni uncle’s house. Kat says they will do hunger strike. Chamchi asks her to see their faces. Beni asks Vimlesh not to go. Vimlesh threatens to give divorce. Happu asks them not to go. Rajjo asks kids what they will do, if someone insults their parents. Kat says even we will do the same. Chamchi says we will not stay even for a minute. Ranbir says we will drop you. Rajjo says these are my kids, thankfully they didn’t go on you, and says she will call them later. Beni says don’t go. Vimlesh says divorce.

Dada ji asks Amma if she got peace. Amma says bahus are suffering due to their father. Dada ji asks why did she demand 15 lakhs rs. He says you have fallen in my sight. Amma says she will do whatever she thinks right. Dada ji says you are taking advantage of Gabbar’s helplessness. Amma asks him to give 15 lakhs. Dada ji says I don’t know this kattu. Amma asks him to go to heaven or the frame. Dada ji says he will not come back. He goes.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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