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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma if she will make him leave drinking, who herself drinks. Amma says I don’t do like you and drinks when alone. Malaika says he got us insulted, I should have left him there. Rajjo scolds him too. Dada ji says I trust my son. Amma says he is getting you insulted and you are taking his side. Happu asks if he is there. Amma says he loves you and likes your doings. Happu says he is my father and used to do like me. He says his name shall be khoti singh and not khodi singh. Amma beats him. Happu goes calling him khoti. He feels sad though.

Malaika comes and sits on the bed. Kat asks why your face was swollen? Malaika says she brought bapu from the drainage place. Kamlesh comes there and says hi kat. Kat says hi. Malaika looks at Kamlesh angry. Kat says Malaika is angry today. Kamlesh says Om Shanti. Malaika asks him to be quiet. She says I don’t like you, and says I am irritated for spoiling my Didi. She says she wants to break his head. Kat says she is very proud of him. Kamlesh says it is like playing with my left hand. Malaika says she is feeling light. Kat says we shall go out and have some fresh air. She asks Kamlesh to go. They go out of room. Kamlesh cries recalling what Malaika had said.

Bimlesh asks Beni what is he thinking? Beni says his mind is not working. Bimlesh says she had all the medicines of the baba and now it is showing effect. Beni asks her to sleep. Bimlesh says she is not getting sleep and tries to romance with him. Beni cries and imagines Happu’s photo frame. He says Happu and cries. Bimlesh asks if something has happened to him. Beni says I have so much pain in my heart. Bimlesh asks why are you showing tantrums. Beni says I will miss you very much. Bimlesh says we have kept fast. Beni says his heart is not agreeing. Bimlesh asks him to show himself to doctor, and asks why you are becoming sanyaasi. Beni cries holding the imaginary photo frame. He sits on the bed and says this life is nothing, this is just moh maya. He says our life shall have one aim, moksh. Bimlesh is shocked.

Happu wakes up and sees Rajjo sleeping. He goes out. Rajjo wakes up and thinks where did he go? Happu comes and meets Beni outside who is indisguise of a woman and wearing saree. He asks Beni to run away, just as Rajjo comes. He sees Rajjo coming and hugs and kisses Beni. Rajjo gets angry. Beni runs away. Rajjo catches Happu and calls Amma. Amma asks what happened? Rajjo tells that he was kissing his girlfriend in the house. Amma slaps him. Kat says you are leaving my mother on fate. Ranbir sings a sad song. Bimlesh asks why you are romancing others. Happu says I will do as I want. Amma slaps him. Happu says Rajjo doesn’t have a time for me, what crime I have done. He asks her to think about his need and says I will do as I like. Beni comes there and says he shall not kick the full plate. Happu says this plate is rotten. Amma says what happened to Happu. Kat cries and goes. Malaika says if he was not her father then. Happu asks if she hates him. Malaika says it and goes. All the kids say it. Happu asks Amma to say it also. Amma slaps him. Bimlesh comes to Happu, looks angry and goes. Beni tells Happu that their planning is successful. Bimlesh comes back and asks Beni not to talk to him. Beni says I was telling that I hate you. He goes. Happu says I hate myself.

Rajjo and the kids pack their bags. Amma comes to the room asking for tea. She asks why are you packing the bags. Rajjo says I am leaving the house along with kids. Malaika says bapu can do what he wants. Kat says we can’t leave Mummy alone. Hritik says I thought Papa is good. Chamchi says we didn’t know that he spend bribe on others. Ranbir says he is ashamed of him. Rajjo tells Amma that she will miss her taunts and scoldings, and asks her to taunt her on call. Amma says I will get digestion there. She says I will also come with you all. Dada ji says he will also come. Rajjo says I love you. Amma says she is feeling ashamed to give birth to such useless guy. She asks Rajjo to take the wine from under her bed and pack it wrapping it in a cloth.

Bimlesh comes there and asks where are they going? Amma says she is going with bahu and kids. Bimlesh tries to stop Rajjo. Rajjo says don’t stop me. Bimlesh goes.

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