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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Resham Pal and his wife are having chaat at a shop. Manohar asks them to have it. Resham Pal says he got the limitations on wine shops. Manohar tells that Resham Pal has authority on them. His wife says only his juniors do the job. Resham says I don’t want to show off, but even a bird can’t flap their wings in front of me. Just then a car comes, kidnaps his wife and flee. Manohar says bird has flapped its wings. Resham Pal looks on. Beni puts water melon in Resham pal’s wife mouth. She spits the seed on his masked face. Beni asks Happu to call Resham Pal. Happu calls Resham Pal and asks him to give 15 lakhs rs to get his wife. Resham Pal says he will not give a single penny for a witch wife. His wife hears and gets upset. Happu calls again and says he will send his wife back to his house. Resham Pal agrees to give money to him and asks them to keep his wife with them. He asks them to come back to the chaat stall. Resham Pal comes there and tells Manohar that he would have got her kidnapped, if he had known that he will get rid of her. Happu and Beni come in car, take the briefcase and leaves. Resham Pal tells Manohar that they didn’t bring his wife and gets happy. His wife comes and tells that the call was on speaker when kidnapper called. Manohar says Madam heard everything. Resham Pal says I know.

Kat and Malaika come to Kamlesh and asks him to give 15 lakhs. Kamlesh asks do you have bandage or turmeric milk as Malaika will beat me and you can’t stop her. He says he acted to become rich. Malaika beats him. Gabbar brings 15 lakhs Rs and gives to Amma. Amma asks if the notes are real. Amma asks Happu to get 7.5 lakhs FD’s each on both bahus name. Happu says why did you ask money from sasur ji, if you wanted money from sasur ji. Jeweller comes there and says both necklaces are ready. Amma asks him to show. He shows both necklaces. Amma thanks him. He goes. She asks Ranbir to bring chair and calls Rajjo, asks her to sit. Rajjo sits on the chair. Amma makes her wear necklace and asks her to get up from chair. She then makes Vimlesh sit on the chair and make her wear necklace. Gabbar tells that Vimlesh’s necklace is big. Amma asks Hritik to check if the gold is real. Gabbar asks if your saas drank much last night. Amma says whatever she does, is with full planning. She says she wanted to teach a lesson to Gabbar, and these necklaces are love and blessing for them. She says I want you both to take care of me. Rajjo and Vimlesh apologize to Amma. Gabbar also apologizes. Happu says you gave me so much tension. Amma says if I had told you, then samdhi ji wouldn’t have given 15 lakhs Rs. Dada ji appreciates Amma. Ranbir asks didn’t you get something for you. Amma says I want my bahus to take care of house and me, they will take time, but will follow my footsteps. Rajjo and Vimlesh regret to doubt her. Beni asks Amma to tell them if she plans something. Amma calls Beni near her and slaps him. She says if you are mukhiya that I shall consult you. Ranbir says shall I bring machine to check the notes. Gabbar scolds him.

Happu asks Manohar to bring adrak tea and samosa etc. Manohar says Rajesh bhabhi has returned. Resham Pal comes home and asks Happu where he was? Happu tells that he was restless without his wife. Resham Pal says he met Gupta ji, bank manager and he told that Rajjo and Vimlesh got FD’s of 7.5 lakhs each. Happu says they didn’t tell me. Resham Pal asks from where they got such much treasure?

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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