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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 17th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni crying, imagining Happu’s photo frame and says don’t leave me friend. Bimlesh asks what are you doing? Beni cries. Bimlesh says Rajjo and the kids are leaving. Beni is shocked. Bimlesh warns him not to take Happu’s side. Beni thinks I can’t tell the truth or can’t stay silent. He thinks my silence can bring Rajesh and the kids on road, thinks what to do. He rings the bell. The kids come out and see a paper on Beni’s back. The kids start reading that whatever happu is doing, is intentionally. He says baba asked how many people loves him. Happu says more than 10. Amma joins and reads that he will die if more than 10 people will love him. Malaika reads that baba gave solution. Kat reads if those people hate you, then your death will be cancelled, so Happu did this. Bimlesh reads that they all shall show hatred towards Happu as Yamraj is watching them.

Everyone sits sadly. Rajjo recalls whatever Happu did to upset her. Amma and the kids recall too. Beni rings the bell again. Amma says Happu is really bad and I will make his face red. Rajjo says I hate him, he creates problems for the family. Chamchi says he is a miser. Malaika says I don’t like him. Kat says he is not great. Rajjo says I shall take a decision. Amma asks her to take hatred decision. Chamchi asks Manohar if he understood her plan. Manohar says you all are like Happu. Hritik says expert. Ranbir comes there and says Papa came. Happu comes there and stops seeing the kids seeing Manohar. Manohar gives lollypops to them. Ranbir asks can we call you Papa? Manohar says ok. Ranbir says he is their inspiration. Manohar says your Papa is not that bad. Chamchi says Papa got us insulted. Hritik says we will not call them papa. Chamchi says I don’t know him. Happu comes inside clapping and says he heard everything. Hritik says we are not afraid of you. Ranbir says you are black spot on us. Manohar asks Happu to go as his kids don’t want to talk. He says I am ready to accept them and asks kids to come and have chaat. Hritik and Ranbir lift and take him. Happu gets upset.

Rajjo pretends to be talking on phone and tells that she will walk on her husband’s footsteps. She is not afraid of anyone now. Happu hears and gets sad. Rajjo pretends and ends the call. Happu goes. He comes to Amma.

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