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The Episode starts with Happu, Beni and Manohar playing the passing bottle game. Happu loses in the game and says this is cheating. Beni says I didn’t cheat. Happu says someone else will eat me today. Resham Pal runs and asks them to stop. Amma says she is having back pain. Resham Pal refuses to become lion/tiger’s food. He asks why do you want me to die. Vimesh says we are three and you are one. Resham Pal runs upstairs and tells that if you come here, then I will suicide from here. Rajjo says your bones will be broken, but you will not die. Amma asks him to go to 6 floors building and die. She blackmails him to go to forest and die. Rajjo emotionally blackmails him and asks if you will like if my husband die. She asks him to come downstairs and wipe her sindoor. Vimlesh asks him to agree. He refuses. Amma threatens to eat poison. Resham Pal says he is coming. Beni tells that he wishes that he could have gone. Happu cries. The kids tell that they will go.

happu tells that his kids are brave, and he will jump down. They are still on the machaan. Manohar asks Happu, what is his last wish. Happu says he wants to have muli paratha and die. They give him muli paratha. Happu says it is too spicy. Beni says I will keep langda mango for you, on your 13th Anniversary. He meets his kids and asks them to do well in exam. He asks Beni to send news when he becomes father. Beni says go fast, tiger is hungry.

Resham Pal gets convinced by them and tells that he will die amidst however the death is. He tells that he will become tiger’s hunt on happu’s place. Amma blesses him. His phone rings. Amma asks him to pick the call for one last time. Resham Pal picks the call and it is of his wife. He says you acted to scare me, I am coming there and runs away from there. Happu goes downstairs. He asks the kids to tell their mother that he is taking muli paratha with him. He thinks he will die before reaching the tiger. He thinks his death is final. He thinks tiger is not here, if Beni lied.

He sees tiger standing infront of him and attacking him. The kids shout. Everyone sees the tiger dragging Happu. Happu gets scared and burps due to muli paratha. The tiger faints and falls down. The kids get happy. They return home. The kids praise Happu. Amma praises Happu for fighting with the tiger. Rajjo says she got such a husband after rigorous prayers and will not ask gift till 2 days. The kids tell that they have almost lost their Papa. Ranbir says our biggest gift is our Papa. Dr. Udhas comes there and greets Amma. He asks Happu, if he is fine? Happu says he is fine. Dr. Udhas says I heard that tiger attacked you. Happu says he checked its teeth also, and one had cavity. Dr. Udhas tells that tiger don’t eat sugar, so he don’t get cavities. He says he had gone to the hospital and come to know that tiger had smelled something with bad odour, and fainted as his oxygen level dropped. Vimlesh asks what did you have? Rajjo says he had Muli ka paratha. Happu burps. everyone runs away. Kamlesh faints.

No Precap.

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