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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu calling Rajjo and asking her to give towel. Rajjo asks what happened and asks him to take towel before going. Happu drags her inside the bathroom. Rajjo comes out and says now she has to make breakfast and go to Karishma’s house, else she would have shown her what to do. He thinks she didn’t know that many men get married to get the towel. He checks his wallet and calls Rajjo. Rajjo says I don’t have time. Happu asks her if she took money from his wallet. She says she didn’t take money from his wallet. Happu calls Chamchi and the kids. He says he thought to increase their pocket money. Chamchi says Papa is good, and tells that what is the need to steal the money when papa has increased the pocket money. Happu says you are stealing from my wallet. He runs behind them to beat him. Amma comes there and asks Happu what happened? Happu complains to Amma that they have stolen money from his wallet. Hritik says they have just taken 200 Rs. Happu throws slipper on the kids and it hits Master ji. Amma apologizes and asks him to sit. Master ji says you welcomes well. Happu apologizes. Rajjo asks why did he come? Master ji complains to them about the kids, throwing shoes in air. Hritik tells about the bet. Master ji says your money will be saved, their names will be cut from the school. Happu asks Rajjo, what kind of kids, she has given birth. She asks if the kids are hers only.

Happu scolds the kids for stealing the money, and blames Rajjo for not scolding them. Kat asks Happu to forgive them. She says if they do any mischievous then she will only beat them. Happu asks the kids to listen what Kat had said. He gives last chance to the kids. The kids tell that they will not do any mischief.

Amma tells Rajjo that if has not concentrated on the kids rather than on shopping, then the kids would have got good values. She praises herself for giving good values to Happu. Rajjo says all kids are mischievous in their childhood. She says she has to make food, else Amma will only scold her.

Amma calls Happu and asks him to keep phone busy, so that she gets tensed and dies. Happu asks what happened, why are you scolding me now. Amma asks him to make his wife understand to concentrate on the kids. Rajjo calls Happu on the other phone and complains to Happu that she is losing her values. She tells that Amma is blaming her. Amma tells that she just wants her to give good values, rather than wasting time in shopping. Both of them says a lot, that Happu gets stunned and shocked. Manohar comes there and asks Happu to file FIR, as the guy broke his head. The guy says he didn’t do it intentionally and tells about his problem. Happu hugs and kisses the guy, and says if I don’t understand your pain then who will understand. He says FIR will not be written, and asks him to go. Kamlesh comes to Kat and says he got the job of a baby sitter. Kat says OMG Kamlesh. Kamlesh says he got the baby sitter job at someone’s home. Malaika asks if he gives bath to baby. Kamlesh says yes. Kat says now we understand your job. She says you are doing job of Aaya. Kamlesh says it is baby seater.

Vimlesh tells Rajjo that jiju had a baby of your sautan, then will you accept the baby. Rajjo says Happu doesn’t have courage to betray me after 9 kids. Vimlesh talks about Yashoda and her husband, new And TV show. Vimlesh says she is eagerly waiting to see the show dusri Maa.

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