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The Episode starts with Amma asking Rajjo to make food happily, else the food is not tasty. Rajjo says I make food happily, it is just that you can’t digest it without pointing flaws. Amma asks Happu to see how his wife is replying to her. Rajjo says if anyone show me red cloth then I will run behind it. Malaika asks Dadi to have food. Chamchi says their school is taking them to trip to Nepal and wants 25K for that. Kat says she is also going on trip next month. She says you earn for us, then why don’t you give us money. Happu asks them to just study and not to pester him for trip. Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir are in the school. Hritik says Papa refused to let us go to trip. Chamchi says he will not let us go to main road. The students come there and ask Hritik if they have packed the bags. Hritik says no as their Dadi is unwell. The students ask what happened to her? They tell different disease name. Later teacher comes there and asks if they have done packing. They tell the same reason that Dadi is unwell. Teacher says if you don’t go, then the trip will be cancelled. He tries to convince them and calls his wife to pause the packing.

Atbeer comes to meet Amma. Amma hugs him. Atbeer gives her money and thanks her for giving him when he was in need. He says he will eat. Amma says Rajjo might see. Atbeer is about to leave. Rajjo and Happu come there and ask Atbeer to sit. Atbeer sits. Rajjo asks Amma what she is hiding. Atbeer says he is getting late and goes. Rajjo gives swear to Amma and asks her to tell. Amma says Atbeer came to returned the money to her, which she had given him. Rajjo asks about the amount. Amma says 6k, then says 5 lakhs and change. Happu says nobody will give money without asking me. Rajjo says whoever gives money, shall be punished. Amma says same thing applies to her as well.

Rajjo complains to Vimlesh about Amma giving loan to Atbeer. Vimlesh says it is her money. Rajjo says it is a joint money. She says Papa never asked even a penny. Just then Gabbar comes there and asks Vimlesh to bring tea and 2 lakhs Rs. He tells that he had bet 2 lakhs rs on Sundar, the bull and lost it. Rajjo asks why did you bet at first place? He says he became greedy and asks them to arrange 2 lakhs rs. He says I will return in 2 days. Vimlesh says I don’t have money as I have just bought diamond earrings. Rajjo says she can’t help him. Gabbar says I have come here with much expectation. He says he has mortaged the house also. Rajjo says she will help him, but it will be last time. Gabbar thanks him and asks him to bring tea, pakode and kachori. Vimlesh asks Rajjo if you have money, I don’t have.

Kat asks Kamlesh where is he going? Malaika taunts. Kamlesh says my Papa kicked on my back and asked me to go away. Malaika says our thoughts are same. Kat says this is bad, Sudarshan uncle always kicked on your back. Kamlesh says I will go home if I get a job. Malaika says good. Kat asks Malaika to boost his confidence. Kamlesh says he is getting job at Municipal Corporation, and will catch the dogs. He says he will get 500 each. Kat says wow. Malaika makes fun of him. Kamlesh says he will earn money. Kat says no work is small. Malaika says he got the right job to catch the dog.

Rajjo tells Vimlesh that she don’t have money, but can steal 2 lakhs from 5 lakhs. She says they have to do planning. Vimlesh asks her to call Papa, and says he is in tension. Gabbar asks when to come and take it. Vimlesh says tonight. Rajjo asks him to make an animal sound, so that she comes out and gives him money. Gabbar says ok and blesses her.

Precap: Rajjo makes Happu drink the spiked drink. She manages to steal the money. Amma comes out. Rajjo hides.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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