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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu telling Beni that he is very happy and wants to fly in sky and walk on water. He says he wants to kiss him. Beni says my wife will kiss me. Paan seller asks Beni to take kiss from friend. Beni says I am happy with Happu’s happiness and says I had given idea to you. Happu says your idea was cheap, but Commissioner’s idea was good. Beni says no matter what, I am happy that you are out of this mess. Happu tells that now he will be upset. Beni says you gave me tickets and did favor on me. Happu takes tickets from his hand and says your plan to go to Hrishikesh is cancelled and my plan to go there is on. Beni tries to get back the tickets and says I don’t hope this from you. Happu tells that Resham Pal gave him good idea. Beni says I don’t agree that Rajjo or Amma refuse to stay back. Happu tells that he has brought a ticket to go with both of them. Beni curses Happu that he will never go to Hrishikesh. Happu also curses him in return. Beni comes to Vimlesh and tells that they are not going to hrishikesh. Happu comes back home and asks Amma to get ready to go to hrishikesh. Rajjo asks whom you are sending. Happu says we all are going, you are going on extra ticket. Rajjo says I have won and will not go on extra ticket. Happu says Amma will go on extra ticket. Amma refuses. Rajjo says I will not go on extra ticket. Amma and Rajjo argue that they will not go on extra ticket. Happu says ok, I will come on extra ticket. Amma tears the extra ticket. Happu asks why did you tear it? it was bought with money.

Happu comes to Beni. Beni tells that he don’t want to talk to him, as because of him, he was about to get divorced from his wife. He says somehow he got saved. Happu says he came to give tickets to him and tells that Rajjo and Amma don’t want to go on extra ticket. Beni asks if this ticket is mine. Happu asks him to trust him. Paan seller asks shall I make a video call. Happu says yes. Beni says think that this is guarantee card of my safety and if you take it back then. Happu says he is not going and wants him to go. Beni kisses him happily.

Hritik tells that Mummy should have gone to Hrishikesh. Chamchi says Dadi shall go. Ranbir says it was Mummy’s destiny that she had done. Malaika supports Ranbir while Kat supports Amma. Chamchi says Kat is right. Malaika says Dadi got greedy and wants to go there. They argue. Malaika says I have an idea, we shall keep a competition between Dadi and Mummy and whoever wins will go to Hrishikesh.
Beni comes to Vimlesh and asks what she is thinking? She says she wants to throw him out of room for 2 days. He says they are going to Hrishikesh. Vimlesh says she will reward him after coming back. The kids call Rajjo, Amma and happu to the lawn.

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