Happu ki ultan paltan 28th April 2022 Written update:- Chautwal arrives at lunch at Happu’s house – Telly Updates

Episode starts with Happu being sad😒 that I worked hard to become inspector, but now turned junior constable. Benny makes him fun🤣, stating that Manohar and I will become on high, but you will stay same. Vimlesh asks Happu why didn’t he go back. Benny says let him drink🍺. Vimlesh says it will ruin his body, asking her to go to Rajjo.

At police station Manohar keeps on playing game. Happu says to RameshPal that he took advantage to Chautwal. Manohar asks why didn’t he brought samosa? Happu says shop vendor went away. Chautwal arrives, Happu informs that Shall I bring pakoda. Chautwal asks about Shakal? RameshPal says he is coming to India, we shall catch him soon. Chautwal asks plan of action. Manohar butters him more. Chautwal punishes Happu as cock, while Ramesh asked to keep hands up.

In market Kat meets Kamlesh asking why he is ignoring? Kamlesh says I will not talk to lower people, as said by my father. Kat gets sad😒. Kat asks about friendship for 3 times, but Kamlesh denies full on final. He says its not under my standard and goes.

At home Benny, Amma, Vimlesh and Rajjo discuss about Happu facing isues. Happu arrives and unable to walk properly, and sit down finally. Amma cries😭. Benny makes happu sit. Happu tells about his incident. Benny makes his fun🤣.

Ritik comes with bag stating I am leaving junior constable papa. I am not able to tolerate, and i get trouble in school. Rajjo scolds him. Chamchi says happu is inspector or constable he will remain our father. Ranveer agrees. Ritik agress and goes inside. Benny finally realies seriousness. Rajjo- Amma says we are at fault. Benny says food is only solution, asking him to chautwal for dinner and he will get happy☺. Amma asks happu to do same. Happu does same.
Rajjo aska Amma what she should cook? Amma is about to say, but shut her mouth.

Next day Rajjo serve food to Chautwal. Benny and Amma praises her cooking skills. Chautwal gets impressed with chautwal and flirt with her. Benny, Amma, Vimlesh and Rajjo praises Happu and his work, but chautwal keeps on insult him. He praises and tries to flirt with Rajjo, stating she is so much active and sharp. Rajjo says I am dabbang since college time. Chautwal asks her to join police force. Rajjo says I don’t want, but request him to give back happu post back. Chautwal says its not possible as orders came from above, but you can join police officer, and keep on flirting with her. Rajjo agrees to join force. He goes.
Happu asks not to join job. Rajjo says I am proud of joining it. Amma goes to have drink.

Precap:- Rajjo joins police force. Naari Naari Shakt NGO confront Chautwal for teasing woman, while he is sitting with Rajjo

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