Happu ki Ultan Paltan 29th April 2022 Written Update:- Happu becomes Inspector again – Telly Updates

Rajjo arrives at police station wear inspector uniform, and greets chautwal. Chautwal asks Happu to greet her, Ramesh and Happu greets her. He orders to get tea☕

for her. Manohar says we are working on Shakal case. Happu says I have an idea. Manohar laughs🤣, but Rajjo scolds him. Manohar asks Chautwal to let Rajjo go home. Chautwal flirts with Rajjo

In market, Kat calls Kamlesh, that this is only time left. Kat asks him to talk to me. Kamlesh denies. She offers him carrot hawla, but Kamlesh denies. Kat cries😭, you are changing so soon. Malika holds Kamlesh. Kamlesh says we are not friends anymore. Malika asks to re-friendship with Kat. Kamlesh denies stating I shall not keep friendship with small people. Kat cries😭 and Malika slaps👋🏻 him.

Rajjo informs Benny and Vimlesh that Chautwal is not good man, he is so cheap, but I stay quite due to Happu. Benny agrees. Happu asks do I need to cook anything. Rajjo orders him to sit with her. She says sorry. Vimlesh gives idea to kidnapp chautwal family, asking him to promote happu again. Happu scolds him. Benny gets an idea💡, and informs plan.

Next day Chautwal and Rajji are having juice in restaurant. Chautwal flirts with her. Rajjo says about Happu post. Chautwal insults happu. Vimlesh arrives from Nari Nari Shakti NGO stating that they got complaint against Chautwal for eve tease. He denies asking to confirm from Rajjo. Rajjo says he does so, and he is big man, I can’t complaint against him. Chautwal gets shocked😨. Vimlesh asks her to tell everything. Rajjo says I shall beat him, if he troubles me., But take action against him. Chautwal asks Rajjo to talk for a minute stating her to take complaint back, as my wife will kill🔪 me. Rajjo says I keep conditions:-
1) give happu and rameshpal post back
2) leave this place
Chautwal agrees. Rajjo asks vimlesh as NGO lady, to give time till evening. Chautwal runs away. Rajjo and Vimlesh hug each other.

Kat and Malika disucss that Kamlesh is not such earlier. Kamlesh come stating I am sorry, for troubling you, as she is my only friend. He gets his father call📱, who inform that big businessman double crossed us. Malika says you got lesson finally. Kat asks let it be. Kamlesh asks for forgiveness. Malaika asks to do situps.

Ranveer, Chamchi and Ritik discuss that finally we learnt 2 things:
1) papa again becoming inspector
2) we got to know that who is our dear friend.
Maisha comes to meet Ritik, who states that Lallu is not of our class. Ritik says sorry, as i not want to keep friendship with you, and asks her to go.

At police station, Rameshpal, Happu and Manohar discuss about Shakal. Rajjo and Amma calls📱 Happu, who asks not to ask about vegetable. Rajjo says what will you have in sweets? Happu cuts call📱

Precap:- RameshPal asks Happu and Manohar to catch gold summgglers to get promotion as ACP and Inspector. Vimlesh and Rajjo see their video taking gold, and confront their friend for illegal work, their friend blackmails them to work for her, shocking them.

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